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1 Apr 2016

Oh, April, I wait for you an entire year and when you finally arrive, your gorgeous trees are already bloomed by a warm March.

IMG_0203Oh, April, I want your chilly evenings. I want your chirping thrush by the window. I want your noisy, full, warm rains. I want the smell of moist earth, of fresh wood, of clear skies. I want your barren, black bark trees with little specks of leaves, like crumbs of green. I want to begin buying spring flowers.
I want your moody weather and your promises.

And here you are in full awe, with no less than 24º C on your first day, trees more green than barren and people in sandals. It was mid February when I bought the first tulips.

Where art thou, April dearest, the cruelest month …



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